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Colac Otway Web Advertising Packages

Colac Otway Web provides cost effective advertising packages for a business of any size or type. Our marketing program allows small/medium rural business to compete with large corporations on equal terms. Providing access to all of the local regions online resources from 1 location adds value to each individual website as well as adding value for Colac Otway Web advertisers. Small business can now reap the benefits of having a web presence without any of the hassles or the expense of operating a website.

Some benefits of advertising your business on Colac Otway Web

  • Colac Otway Web provides high exposure to the target audience.
  • No learning or knowledge of Internet systems is required.
  • You can control your advertising from a simple web interface.
  • The cost of advertising packages is so low it is easily recouped.
  • Our automated system delivers high quality professional results.

A significant portion of the sites income is used to purchase Google adsense advertising to promote the Colac Otway Web and the local traders who purchase advertising packages. See the details below for the standard advertising packages we offer, we can also provide a price for a custom package tailored to suit your business requirements.

Features Included in all Colac Otway Web Advertising Packages

  • Featured Directory Listings appear on relevant pages across the site.
  • Priority placed advertisement/s appear randomly in the sidebar banner.
  • Clients select the priority vs the number of ads displayed.
    • Set a low priority for to increase in the number of line ads.
    • OR set a high priority but recieve less ads.
  • Telephone support/service on a local number during business hours.
  • Contact the webmaster for technical assistance using the email form 24/7.
  • At least 20% of the purchase price used for Google Adsense advertising.
  • Every advertiser decides where their advertisement/s will appear.
  • Paid advertisers can appear in multiple Trade Directory categories.
  • Advertisers Trade Directory entries appear on relevant pages of the site.
  • Free technical support is provided by qualified IT professionals.
    • * We even provide free technical advice for systems not located on our servers.
  • Our technical support includes all IT systems including your office.
    • ** Off site support is free and advertisers get 10% off our regular service rates.
Colac Otway Web Advertising Packages
Business has NO Website Business with an Existing Website
Minimum Fuss
Suitable for a business that doesn't benefit from having a website. Includes a priority 3 sidebar advertising and featured in the directory.
Business Pro
Identical features to the Minimum Fuss Plus package but we create a 5 page mini-site in the Colac Otway Web Business Sites section.
Business Basic
Options are the same as the Minimum Fuss package. Advertisers add their own content, images and links using the online interface.
Unlimited Hosting
As well as priority 5 line ad placement, multiple Trade Directory entries and featured placement on relevant Colac Otway Web pages you also receive unlimited web hosting on our server.
eCommerce Packages are Included for FREE
Our fully featured cPanel hosting plan is suitable for any business with an existing web site or those who need one.
$69.00 a year more info $129.00 a year more info $49.00 a year more info
Minimum Fuss Plus
Same features offered with Minimum Fuss Plus we build a custom web page for you in the Business Sites section of Colac Otway Web.
Business Pro Plus
Identical features to the Business Pro Plus your 5 page mini-site is stored in your private folder on the Colac Otway Web server.
Business Basic Plus
Enjoy the same level of control as the Business Basic package Plus an increase in advertising exposure with priority 4 line ads. Total Control!
$99.00 a year more info $159.00 a year more info $89.00 a year more info $179.00 a year more info
Conditions: - *We will provide technical advice for IT systems that are not located on our servers but our low hourly rate will apply to any work we are requested to perform on a clients system/s. Clients will always be advised of extra charges that may apply before any work commences. ** Our telephone support is free, we can provide on-site service for a very reasonable hourly rate from our Elliminyt base.
Colac Otway Web advertising works even if your business doesn't conform to the Internet business model. more info

All prices are displayed in A$ inclusive of GST.
Contact us for pricing of a custom package tailored to suit the needs of your business.

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