Colac Otway Web

Website and Software Development

The Colac Otway Web is more than just a website, it is a platform for products developed in-house by a professional IT company located in the Colac Otway region of South West Victoria. If your business needs more than a few web pages we are the local people who can develop an affordable eCommerce facility or office system to service your business requirements. Customising computer programs to meet the needs of a business and the design/development of custom software solutions is one of the main business activities of the Colac Otway Web. See how you can Contact Us.

The eCommerce facility used by Colac Otway Web was developed in-house from the ground up. In Feruary 2008 the site underwent a major redevelopment that improved the navigation, site layout, introduced new services and reduced maintenance time significantly. The entire site is now compiled from PHP scripts so an update to the menu, page headers, advertising features or the footer content can be accomplished by editing a single file. Prior to the update the rapid rate of growth we experienced required regular manual editing of the websites content. The new system is a purpose built content managment system that simplifies general site maintenance by elliminating duplicated content.

The eCommerce system controlling the Colac Otway Web produces web pages that validate to XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium w3c. Complying to industry standards ensures that web pages from Colac Otway Web will display correctly in any browser or information systems for visually impaired users. All of our web pages have been optimised for optimal search engine performance and we compress the file size of all the images on the site to minimise download speeds. Images can be downloaded for free from the Colac Otway Image Gallery.

The improved content managment system has made it easy for the Colac Otway Web to keep up with the demands of site visitors and clients. The quick efficient online advertising system provides excellent value for a fraction of the cost and a lot less hassle than it takes to create and maintain a website. The Colac Otway Web is the only facility specifically designed to promote business in a rural region of Australia. Before deciding to create a custom solution in-house several eCommerce packages were tested but despite the high quality of the products no single application could provide everything we needed. So we developed our own system that we hope to have ready for sale in 2009.

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