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Colac Otway Web Privacy Policy

Colac Otway Web adheres strictly to the Australian Federal Privacy act. We do not collect, store or control personal information of any nature to ensure a security breach is impossible. All company, financial and website advertisers records are stored on a fully secured system that can only be accessed by authorised Colac Otway Web staff. We do not sell, loan, distribute or provide personal or confidential data to 3rd parties for any purpose unless ordered by a Court.

Business information stored in the Colac Otway Trade Directory database is accessible to the public from several online facilities. Colac Otway Web uses standard industry practices to protect email addresses and inhibit the ability to generate unauthorised mass mailing lists. All of the information displayed on search results, links to web pages and business information pages has been compiled from public records, web sites or from direct submissions by business owners.

We do not store information other than what accessed by the public on web pages distributed from our webserver. There is no content that a hacker could access from our web server that not readily available on pages of the Colac Otway Web and other sources both on and off line. Our code is developed using industry standard procedures to secure the content delivered to your browser from our secure Linux servers.

We do not condone the use of SPAM, pop-up windows, regular newsletters or any other invasive marketing methods. As a communication medium email is an essential tool that should be used correctly. We will use email to contact any business registered with Colac Otway Web ONLY when it is required due to events or changes taking place that will effect them directly such as advising the status of a new registration or confirming we recieved a submission.

Business owners/operators in the Colac Otway region are invited to register for Free with the Colac Otway Web so we can keep your business contact details and the information we publish in the Colac Otway Trades and Services Directory up to date. Providing the information required to register online only takes a few minutes and when the process is completed you can login to update your business information at anytime 24/7. Free Business Registration

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