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Barramunga is situated between Apollo Bay and Forrest just 20 minutes from the Coast and 30 minutes from Colac. The countryside rolls down into deep valley's and ravines rising and falling again for as far as you can see. This is some of the highest country in the Otway Ranges well above the Barwon Resevoir catchment area offering spectacular views from many vantage points.
Barwon Downs the hills roll on and on.
Typical Barwon Downs valley. No Motels or Apartments within cooee but there is the a variety of private rental properties available, the search section at the foot of the page will help yo to locate the accommodation available. Local services are minimal with the general store at Forrest being the closest. You will need to travel to Colac or Apollo Bay if you need more than the basic necessities. Access to the Great Ocean Road from Barramunga is via Skenes Creek a few kilometres east of Apollo Bay on bitumen. You can also travel the dirt tracks down the mountain and arrive in any of the towns along the coast. Kennett River is the easiest to access using the Grey River Road.
Barwon Downs looking to the coast. Barwon Downs is high enough to offer great views over the Otway Ranges.
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