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Surfs pumping at Marengo.


Marengo is situated 2km southwest of the Apollo Bay Post Office on the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy the tranquillity by taking a pleasant walk on the beach, explore the rock pools, swim at the protected beach or, for the more adventurous a snorkel around the reefs or hop on your surf board. Close enough but far enough away from the shopping centre and main tourism focus it is a far more relaxing destination with all of the amenities to have a pleasant holiday just down the road.
Enjoy magnificent views of the sea, the beaches and hills. Explore the scenic look-outs, picnic areas, venture into the rain forests, climb water falls and trek the trails around Apollo Bay. Thrill seekers can go riding, sailing, fishing, surfing, golf, or sit back and enjoy the cuisine at the local restaurants. Marengos peacful beaches.
Seals frolick in the local waters. Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary covers 12 hectares comprising two small reefs that provide for a wide variety of marine life. Fur Seals sun themselves after foraging off the coast on the larger island. A rich intertidal reef lies along the top of the sandstone islands. Rocks, pools, gutters and ledges hide a huge variety of shells from large abalone to tiny periwinkles. The rich seaweed 'garden' thrives with large brown seaweeds growing with beds of red and green species.
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