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It is not expensive to have your business on the Internet. Limited funding can produce a high quality site using the best base to start from. The options available are endless and we have tested thes systems over an extensive period to offer qualified recommendations.

Business Blogs provided by a quality service operator offer many benefits over a static website proving to be a handy tool to include dynamic content. If business never changed you would have no need to read but it does and so does the information you deliver to customers in any format. The popularity of blogging has resulted in useful tools that allow content to be added/deleted/edited quickly and the information can be distributed in Atom or Rss to other websites to reach a broader audience than possible with a website. I recommend Blogger that despite some short comings offers a good range of configuration possibilities with solid support for search indexing from the parent company Google.

Business Directories usually begin with free listings to attract customers during the establishment period. Every year 10-12 new trade and Internet directories start this way with an opportunity to receive ongoing business promotion without any outlay. The only way to be in the know is to scour the search engines regularly and keep your eye on other online advertising. Many begin with an adsense campaign to attract a customer base.

A Website is mandatory if your business conforms to the Internet business model. Real Estate, Auctions, Electronics, Computers, Software, Clothing, Packaged food and most other things can be purchased online so to compete on a level playing field a business must be prepared. Find the right solution for you, read on - Business Models

Affordable Website Solutions can be located everywhere online according to your abilities, experience, time constraints and requirements. You can create a business weblog, start a free Google website, publish to your personal webspace or use a free web host. This is only the start so visit the Web Hosting page to learn more.

Free web hosting is available from a lot of providers but many have forced advertising like banner adds and pop ups that detract from your sites content. A good example with useful information is located at Bravehost displaying what is possible using the range of free services available. The range of templates and tools is great but the ads are introsive detracting from the sites presentation and general appeal.

Google has released a new product where users can publish their own website for free with 100mb of storage. The system has an easy to use web page builder, you can upload files from your computer and it is sure to evolve into an excellent service. You get to select your own google name like and creating your first page takes less time than the signup process. To get started you login to your gmail account and then start building. If you don't have a Gmail account you can sign up here.

VicNet provides web space to assist Victorian businesses to get online. If your website is a venture that promotes the use of the Internet to other businesses it meets their guidlines and individuals can have a personal webspace. This is not for commercial ventures it is primarily for not for profit groups and community organisations but they do exercise a little latitude. See an example setup COOBP and you can signup for a free account here.

Paid Webhosting is available from many providers for a range of prices. Local hosting in Australia is still more expensive than it is in America and the delivery time is similar to a local host with the right provider.

Bravenet offer Free Web Hosting with more extras than many paid host sites offer. Subscribing for a Free bravenet site is worthwhile just to access the resources on offer.

Bravenet tools - Here's a reliable, feature-rich free Web hosting service. An ad-supported service, Free gives you 150 megs of space and your own subdomain. Other features include direct FTP access, a guest book, a message board, form mail and lots more.

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