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Search Engines and Site Indexing

Google and the other major search engines differ in many ways but they do not rely on a submission from the site to be included in their search results. The spider follows all of the links it discovers on a page so as soon as a link is located to your website it will be indexed. A direct submission has little effect if the site has no incoming links from other websites.

Measuring the success of website promotion is very difficult so many companies accept payment for services that provide little if any benefits. Submitting your site to 200 search engines or paying for links on a high ranking site provides little value unless placement is relevant to the business activites. Purchasing advertising on a US based Internet directory provides little benefit for a Plumber in Barwon Downs.

Search algorithms have evolved to the point where they not only look at the relevance of a link they also determine the importance of the subject to the Internet. To increase a sites search placement good content is the essential ingredient that will always work when combined with links to quality resources. Online a major competitor can be your ally.

The white pointers of the Internet are the search engines that gobble everything up spitting out the bad bits as they go. The way data is consumed can only be compared to a pack of great whites sharks in a feeding frenzy without smaller species to consume the left overs. If a search engine doesn't like your data it won't come along for a feed. A high percentage of web pages do not index correctly and the only way to be sure is to validate your pages and comply with web standards.

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Try the Bravenet search engine submission tool. You can add the tool to your site, just paste the code here into your web page.

Bravenet tools

Free Find offer a search and indexing service with Search How To to adjust the report information and how it is displayed.

Join Free Find to improve your links and the ratings of your site on search engines. During construction of this site we used free find extensively.
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Search Engine Watch (formerly called A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines) is primarily for webmasters, site owners and web marketers. It covers search engine submission, placement and marketing issues. Search engine watch

Site Level Services are another free site searching service. They provide similar services to free find in a different style. Sponsored links (3-4) are presented at the top of each search page.
Site Level search engine

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