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Can be provided by a central provider that services a specific industry or a regionalised Internet service. Often industries have regional specific requirements that must be provided reducing the options available. The Internet removes many of the limitations of distance but it cannot overcome them all.

Measuring success of an ecommerce solution is difficult with size and the number of clients taken to be more significant than the quality of the service, the only way to decide confidently is to use the system. Operating a system soon reveals the shortcomings and gives a true comparison of products. Reading the glossy pages only indicates who has done the better job marketing their product.

If a suitable package is not available that meets your expectations you have several options to consider. Many packages can be customised easily by competent IT staff to cater to a specific specification for a reasonable price. Every commercial product has competitors that are available for free with the full support of other users.

Marketing Plan

In essence everything we do in business can be considered part of the global marketing and it encompasses much more than how to advertise products. Where a business is located, how the product is delivered and how it is presented all influence the markets perception of a company. In the global market there are unique expectancies beyond the accepted methods of judging the staffs attitude, the quality of service and timely delivery.

International customers have different responses to common situations due to different lifestyles, customs and local traditions. A company that sold wine online had to change their packaging of the product to satisfy the expectations of the Japanese domestic market. Using a standard twin-pack carton to package the wine created a flood of complaints from purchasers who felt cheated receiving a partially empty carton. Despite paying for 1 bottle they saw no logic in receiving a partially filled container.

Many local beliefs need to be considered when developing a marketing plan for a modern business to ensure you do not offend potential customers. Defining the jurisdiction of any of the transaction that occur online is critical to settle any claim that arises from an online sale quickly without incurring unneccissary legal expenses.

RSS has become a successful ecommerce tool to distribute content for use on other websites. The Internet inherently develops itself providing sources for the tools and information for new technologies as they are developed. Within a short period of time a wide range of tools have been made available to create, read, search and distribute syndicated live content feeds.

eCommerce Business Model

Conforming to the Internet business model is not a choice it is a capability. You cannot affordably or conveniently sell icecream online to end users but a manufacturer can market its frozen products to wholesalers and retailers. Every business is compatible to a varying extent that dictates the most appropriate solution.

To conform fully a business must be in a position to market, advertise, sell, service, receive payment, distribute and guarantee a product used by a purchaser located anywhere in the world. Few existing regional businesses fit this model. Banks, chain stores, book sellers and computer suppliers are examples of the industries that do conform along with new industries that only provide services on the Internet.

Smaller business in rural regions that do conform to some extent are often reserved in challenging established major players. Trade service directories unite smaller businesses together to compete with larger peers in an effective way. Consider joining an existing group that specialise in providing services for your industry. Beginning with the success of established operators like Real that service your industry segement is a cost effective option. To get started do some Market Research first.

Many regional business do not have the scope or need to attract a broader customer base beyond their local community. This is no excuse for not servicing existing customers better by providing services online. Tradition and ignorance are slowing progress with facilities to service customers falling well behind development of Internet skills in schools.

Website size can be limited to minimise cost and deliver the bare essentials, name address and how to find you. VicSearch Free business registration will display all of your details on a map to potential customers Australia Wide every day without cost or obligation. Create a weblog, website or a web page in a relevant industry or regional based directory to provide a complete effective solution to service a small regional business.

Every business can use a website to improve the way they do business and introduce new efficiencies. Better communication, access to product information, service information and much more can be provided online for little if any cost beyond the time to compile the information. Cheap Solutions

Yahoo Groups Angora.cgi Shopping Cart is a popular open source product with a devoted user group on Yahoo.

Free Forum and FAQ:
Online Manual:
Angora Shopping Cart Open Source - Download HERE for FREE.

Noahs free classifieds

Noahs Free Classifieds is an easy to set up flexible package.
License Details - Noah"s Classifieds - Noah"s Classifieds - Installtion Guide - FAQ

4homepages Photo Gallery Software is an excellent package based on PHP templates that can be tailored suit to individual needs. For experienced PHP programmers the system can be edited easily to specific requirements. Home Page - Details - Requirements - Users Sites - License Details - Free Download Photo Gallery Software
Little or no PHP experience needed the system can be set up simply.

PHP Coin user group. PHP Coin was originally designed for web-hosting resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk. It is now available for free download Use the demo site to see if this product is suitable to solve the financial side of your E-venture.

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