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Linux and Open Source Software

Open Source software is used on the majority of web servers in preference to Microsoft products. Cost is only a small factor, universities primarily use unix operating system on their servers promoting the use of cross platform languages like PHP. The industry standard for a web server uses the Linux operating system with the Apache server, PHP and MySQL. Object orientated design and free access to open source code online has improved the way software is developed and distributed to the point where it is difficult for commercial products to become the most popular choice.

Well the Linux revolution hasnt arrived just yet but the wagon is rolling. In time we will all gain experience with Linux for different reasons. The push to open source by Governments will see many introduced to open source software and operating systems at their work place. The high product cost and the security risks associated with Windows will contribute. Most developers are already using Linux to some extent and IT educational institutions promote the use of Linux.

As good as Windows XP is I am not happy with its performance nor impressed by the cost. Before I purchased XP I considered changing my main desktop (Internet) computer to Linux and decided against it due to the lack of USB pen drive support. 2 years later Linux has USB support and Windows is more vulnerable to security breaches than ever. It is nearly impossible to log onto the net on a windows system and avoid intrusion unless you lock the machine up that tight it becomes impossible to surf the net.

I have used Linux as a second operating system for several years and will present here my experiences. The first thing to ensure before attempting to install Linux is the availability of tools to put it back how it was if everything goes uts. Make sure you have all of your data and settings backed up before you begin and have a disk partitioning tool on hand. Often fdisk will not be able to delete Linux partitions. If you don't know what a partition is or have any questions thus far don't bother continuing. Installing Linux is no where near as simple as installing Windows.

The first stage of installing Linux is to decide on which package to install. There is so many different packages available it really comes down to your needs. The main benefit Linux has over Windows (ignoring security issues) is its ability to be customised and tailored to the task. By selecting individual components to be installed the user has far greater control at the expense of easy installation.

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