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Java is a very versatile programming language with cross platform and Internet capabilities. Originally developed for small mobile equipment it has become very popular on the Internet. Cross platform capabilities, inherent security protection and the ability to be distributed have made Java an extremely useful language. Application and applet code is compiled into byte code for distribution in a binary format that is interpreted and executed by the Java virtual machine.

We prefer where appropriate to use Java with the flexibility of distributing applets over the Internet and the ability to run programs locally with native user interface controls. Connection to all popular databases is straight forward using JDBC and ODBC drivers. We can design, develop and deploy Java solutions at very affordable prices ring us for more details.

De Duke of Java Your First Cup of Java, Unix, Microsoft Windows, Getting Started, Learning the Java Language, Essential Java Classes, User Interfaces that Swing:, Writing Applets, Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing, Overview, Collections, Internationalisation, 2D Graphics, Security in 1.2, Sound, JAR Files, JavaBeans, The Extension Mechanism, JDBC Database Access, Java Native Interface, RMI, Reflection, Putting It All Together, Networking, Full-Screen Exclusive Mode API, Regular Expressions, Drag and Drop

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