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Search Engine Optimisation for HTML, XHTML and CSS

SEO is not a great mystery, you can visit SEO forums to receive help and advice from experienced webmasters to learn the techniques. Some companies charge in excess of $5000.00 to perform optimisation on a small website while other offer services starting at under $50.00. We all know you only get what you pay for so what is the difference?

Cheap tricks done dirt cheap do little more than the free submission tool on the Search Tools page. Adding an entry at the smaller search engines is a good way to get inbound links but why pay for what many free services provide. The webmasters page at search engine watch has info about the things to consider before you submit your site to the search engines and links to tools to check you have done your SEO homework well.

Paid advertising is no good without a decent search engine placement for visitors to locate the site easily at a later stage. Building up links in smaller directories is an ongoing part of being a webmaster. Google adsense is a popular way to get traffic to a website but it is better suited to Internet products and online promotions than it is for a country store or a tradesman. Advertising in a regional directory that offers comprehensive coverage of your area is a better option to target local customers and visitors researching the area.

Paid SEO has limitations for small regional websites that cannot compete on equal terms with the major players in their industry. Target the top search position for your region in that industry and you have a high likelyhood of success. The return on investment does not justify the cost of the full SEO treatment but a lot can be achived for free following the advice available online and reading all of the information in this resource section.

Having trouble with your own web page HTML coding? Try the HTML & Coding Help Forum. Use the search tool to view previous answers or post a message to receive replies from other users. This is a great saver when it all goes #%%%#. Great design tips is another handy site to reference when a page just wont work. Don't forget to have a look at the 10 Bad Things that visitors hate site to avoid the common mistakes that will waste your time. A full list of XHTML strict DTD tags is available for reference.

W3C organisation are responsible for establishing the Web Standards so there is no better resource for accurate Internet information. They offer an extensive range of Online tutorials. These reference links to the W3C's web site provide all of the information needed to learn about the Internet. The HTML, XML, XHTML and CSS tutorials are excellent resources for beginners and experience web authors. When all of the hard work is over this tutorial will teach you how to publish your pages onto the Internet. - Html goodies has the goodies to help you design your site using html. - You can use this tutorial either as a complete introduction or as an A-Z reference to HTML. The pages are packed with: Easy to understand explanations, massive examples, tips, smart workarounds and useful quick references. If your completely new to HTML you should start with the section that covers HTML Basics. Otherwise, just jump directly to the relevant pages. - This tutorial is for anyone who is serious about learning HTML. Perhaps you want your own web page, or an entire web site. Perhaps you"re setting up a web site for your business or organization. You"ve come to the right place. You do not need any prior experience in making web pages to take this course (although I will assume you know how to do some basic things with your computer, like use a word processor.)

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