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Swan Marsh

Swan Marsh located south west of Pirron Yallock in the Sony Rises is renown for the dry wall fences constructed from the regions volcanic rock. The stone fences in the region stretch for kilometres in the stony regions where materials were plentiful. Most of the region has fertile dairy land between the rock barriers and jagged outcrops. The town has a State Primary School located in the main street.
Dry wall stone fences in the Stony Rises west of Colac
The classic Australian windmill is still manufactured in Colac by Bryant Windmills. On the princess highway before the Cobden turn off is an original stone building that was built as a stage depot when the region was first settled. The stone stables at the rear were constructed with narrow slots in the walls to allow the occupants to defend themselves from attackers. Presumably this was the local Aborigines?

Peat similar to the type found at the floating islands nature reserve is mined from a Swan Marsh pit operated by Biogreen to produce convenient, multi purpose products that help the environment by saving time, water, fertiliser and money. Other than farmers the region has no other industry or services the majority being provided in/from Colac. Most dairy produce is collected by Fonterra tankers for processing at their Cororooke or Cobden factories.
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