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Pirron Yallock

Pirron Yallock borders on the shores of Lake Corangamite Victoria's largest natural lake. After World War 1 this was one of the areas in Western Victoria that the Government opened for soldier settlement.
Pirron Pub on the Princess Hwy West of Colac

Floating Islands is a body of water beside the Princes Highway at Koala between Stoneyford and Pirron Yallock. Floating islands are the result of a fire in a peaty swamp in the 1940s. The fire smouldered beneath the surface for months and after rain came as the swamp began to fill and the surface peat, soil and vegetation began to float.

Stony Rises

The area initially preserved for the protection of koalas is now known as the Floating Island Nature Reserve situated on five-hectares that includes the lagoon and a picnic ground. The large parking bay beside the Princess Highway makes it an ideal stop for tourists and travellers to enjoy.
Floating Islands Nature Reserve

Floating Islands information board & picnic ground

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