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Irrewillipe starts from Elliminyt encompassing a large area through to Swan Marsh to the west, Larpent to the north and Thomahawk Creek to the south. Like most of the surrounding district dairy farming is the main income producing activity. Like many rural areas no local retailers services or amenities are provided residents relying on Colac the regions hub. Besides open farmland, dairies and cows many locations offer views of the region.
Green rolling pastures
Mobile telephone repeater at Pomborneit west of Colac Mount Poynton has mobile telephone repeaters to service the Princess Highway and to the north of red rock the local television reception is repeated from Ballarat. Irrewillipe is represented in the local CDFNL competition by the Western Eagles since amalgamating with Pirron Yallock. You can travel south into the Otways on dirt roads through the forest until you reach the water catchment area managed by South West Water. Beyond the locked gates of South West Waters catchment area is some of the nicest natural bush in the Otways. The closed area is between Carlisle River and Kennedy's Creek where water is pumped from the Gellibrand River to service the Warrnambool region via a pipeline with booster stations situated along the shipwreck coast.
Tit Pullers Hoot 'n' Nanny
A farm bordering on the Otway Ranges forest

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The Otway Ranges forest begins in the distance
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