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A significant town for the local dairy industry being the home of the regions largest milk processing factory. Dairy produce processed locally adds value the economy of Colac and Australia from the export sales to Asia. The northern side of the Princess Hwy is different terrain and much drier climate than the farmland to the south. As the hills flatten the land become rockier due to volcano activity from Red Rock centuries ago. Most of this region is irrigated from bore holes sunken down to large underground rivers. Digging in the rich soil is very tough with lots of boulders to obstruct the path. The view from Red Rock is awesome.
Other Local Industries Include:

Langdon Produce Pty Ltd Main Rd Cororooke, VIC 3254 (03) 5233 1425
L F & V K Embrey 4 Main Rd Cororooke, VIC 3254 (03) 5233 1266
Cororooke Post Office 540 Lake Coragulac Rd Cororooke, VIC 3254 (03) 5233 1266
red rock winery is planted on the northern slopes of 'Red Rock'
Register 'au' Domains Only $60- for 2 years
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