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Driving South from Colac the road begins to rise as you pass through Elliminyt. As you rise over the hill and begin the first few bends you have a breath taking view of the mountains standing between you and the coast. You are in Barongarook as soon as you leave Elliminyt but you do not pass through the centre of the town unless you turn off of the main Gellibrand Road onto Barongarook Road. The local primary school and a tennis club are the extent of the township.
Lovely rolling hills at Barongarook in the Otway Ranges
Barongarook is a mixture of cleared, semi cleared and bushland Historically a timber and farming region it has changed over the past 25 years. Cleared and semi cleared land has been divided into smaller lots for rural living. Being close to Colac the main regional centre for services, amenities and employment has seen Barongarook expand rapidly. Most lots are between 5 and 50 acres with large areas of forest remaining intact. Throughout the Otways strips of land are reserved for the native animals to travel between rivers and the forests of the region without crossing private land.
From Barongarook you can travel easily to the coast and the Great Ocean Road. Visit the coastal towns of Apollo Bay and Lorne before returning in a full loop. Returning to a relaxing location in the bush is often much needed relief after the hustle and bustle of visiting the coast during summer holidays. If your idea of a holiday doesn't include dealing with the masses the seclusion of the Otway Ranges is the place to get the peace you want. Regardless of where you stay no other region in Australia can offer the diversity of South West Victoria attractions in such a small area. Otways Country Most Barongarook properties adjoin or are very close to the native forests.
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The Old Beechy Rail Trail Following one of the state's former narrow gauge railways through an area of scenic forest, rich farmland and rolling hills with the coast not too far away. Birnam to Barongarook (5km) - starting at the picnic grounds at Birnam on Cashins Rd the trail runs through bushland to the Barongarook station site.
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